WHY bamboo

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eco-friendly, functional, comfort




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taking care your daily comfort


YUSON ECOTEX Co., Ltd is a pioneering supplier of an assortment of innovative textiles. The material concerned includes bambus fiber, modal, combed cotton, polypropylene, cool-max, etc, all of which are newly developed materials and aimed at bringing people a comfortable life by their distinctive features. Bambus is the most important line YUSON works with. YUSON has built up a lot of scientific expertise creating this material in its present form and has developed a few series, like bambus pregnancy & nursing series, bambus pajamas, bambus Yoga/ Sports, bambus underwear, etc. to meet the needs of the expending green market.


The brand, ‘WE BREATH’ stands for its exclusive green lines, which are guided by high standards of material resources, advanced machinery and skillful control on quality and functionality, with meticulous attention to detail. YUSON strives to update itself to meet the latest technology trends of the industry so that the design and development teams can bring out new-tech products to optimize the health and comfort of our customers.